It’s the caddy that fits in your pocket.

Are you tired of aimlessly hacking away at the golf course, unsure of how to improve your game? Journal 18 is the ultimate tool for golfers who are dedicated to improving their game.

Journal 18 is designed to help you become a more data-driven golfer. By recording your shots and analyzing your game, you can identify patterns and areas that need improvement. This data-driven approach to golf will help you make more informed decisions, adjust your strategy, and ultimately lower your handicap.

A dedicated journal offers a distraction-free space to record and track your golfing journey. With Journal 18, you can hone your focus and analyze your progress without any interruptions from your phone or other distractions.

Journal 18 is compact, lightweight, and fits easily into your pocket while you play, allowing you to record your shots and observations in real-time. With 140 pages, you will have plenty of space to track your progress over multiple rounds of golf.

The acid-free cream-colored Tomoe River paper used for the interior pages provides an optimal surface for tracking your shots and recording your observations. The texturized hard cover, inspired by a golf ball, provides a sturdy and durable surface for your notes, while the ribbon book mark and elastic loop allow you to keep your place and secure your journal when not in use.

But Journal 18 is more than just a golf journal; it's a tool that will help you transform into a better golfer, and make a positive impact on the environment. With each purchase, Journal 18 plants a tree, supporting reforestation efforts and reducing its carbon footprint.

So why wait? Invest in Journal 18 today and become the golfer you've always dreamed of while making a positive impact on the planet.